About Coldwell Banker Richland Chambers Realty

What do you get when you choose to work with 
Coldwell Banker Richland Chambers Realty

Experience - Knowledge - Professional Service - Dedicated Full-Time Commitment

This is just the beginning of our promise to you.
We are known for our professionalism and commitment to our clients.

Coldwell Banker Richland Chambers Realty will work hard to assist you in finding that perfect dream property along Richland Chambers Lake.

Whether your interest is in a place to park a RV, or a 200 acre ranch, we welcome the opportunity to assist you.

We are here to ensure a smooth, personable, and successful experience with your Richland Chambers Lake real estate transaction-
before, during, and after the process. You do not need to look anywhere else! 

The Coldwell Banker Richland Chambers Realty sales team is made up of lake residents who have the personal knowledge you need in your real estate endeavor.

We are not just lake professionals.
We also have the experience and understanding for those needing a place with acreage to graze cows, horses, or goats.
In addition to our knowledge and experience with the area,
we work with a vast array of companies that provide all types of services
that will assist you with your immediate needs. These companies range from loan and mortgage professionals
to home builders, home maintenance, landscaping, painting, and dredging. Just give us a call.